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Created by: Charles DeWeese OS: All Windows

FlashSFV is a free tool that allows you to open and create SFV files, verifying them and determining if you have corrupt parts, in addition to which parts are bad or missing.

What is SFV?
Simple file verification (SFV) is a file format for storing checksums of files in order to verify the integrity of files. SFV can be used to detect random corruptions in a file, but should not be used for checking authenticity.

What formats do we support?
FlashSFV supports CRC32 and MD5.

Optional command line options
flashsfv.exe -makesfv "<path>"
flashsfv.exe -makemd5 "<path>"
flashsfv.exe "<path/to/sfv_file">


Release Notes:
7/22/2007 Released version 2.6
  This release improves support for Windows Vista.